Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this research? These studies help us to gain insight into what types of knowledge infants have available to them early in life. In the much larger picture, this type of research helps us determine what is "typical" cognitive development across the first year of life. In turn, this may help us recognize developmental abnormalities earlier, as well as possibly determine routes of prevention or treatment for cognitive deficits in infancy.

What happens after the study? After we have completed the study, we take the data we have collected and analyze the results. The aim of these studies is to use the data to publish articles in academic journals. No individual information is ever included or released pertaining to your specific child. Participant anonymity is protected at all times. The name and video of your child will only be seen by members of our lab.
Can I bring my other children along? Yes, we work in a child-based facility with many toys and games, and we welcome siblings.
What if I cannot come during the day? No problem. We can schedule your appointment for an evening or weekend time.
How long will the appointment take? It is a pretty quick appointment, with the whole process usually taking around 20 minutes.
Where do I park? We have convenient parking located on the right side of the facility.
What do I get for participating? You receive $15 for transportation, as well as a certificate of appreciation with your infant's name on it and a small gift.
How many times do I have to come? We only ask you to come once. If you and your baby enjoy the experience, then we can call you for another appointment as your baby becomes older.
Will you give me results for how my baby performed? Unfortunately, we are not able to give individual results for each baby. However, we do periodically post results to the web site where you can view the outcome of studies your infant participated in.
What if I need to cancel? It is not a problem if you need to cancel or reschedule. Please just give us a call at (859) 257-6851.
How do you find subjects? We recruit infants and parents to participate through the UK Hospital as well as through local birth announcements in the paper. If you know of other parents interested in our studies, feel free to direct them to our website where they are able to contact us for more information.
How many babies participate? It depends on the study. Studies usually have anywhere between 40 and 160 infants participating. We run several studies at any given time, and appointments are available anytime year round.